High praise for Tightline from a makeup junkie

Laura Mercier's cake liner comes in six stunning colors.

I figure that a cosmetic, or really any product, that has the word cake in its name is worth a try. And Laura Mercier’s Tightline Cake Eye Liner is suitably decadent, the makeup equivalent of a coconut-lemon layered confection.

You add a drop or two of Tightline Activator to the cake and mix with a flat brush to form a lightweight paste. It takes a few extra minutes to apply (compared with liquid liners) and you may need a few practice rounds, trying different brushes, to get the precise line you want. But to a makeup junkie like me, that’s a plus.

And the color is gorgeous, vibrant but not over the top. In fact, the best thing about Mercier’s cake is the choice of colors: black (duh!), mahogany brown, plum, forest green, charcoal grey and, my favorite, bleu marine.

The activator contains a polymer to make the liner last longer, so once it’s on, it sticks. That said, it doesn’t blend very easily so be careful until you really have the hang of it. As much fun as it is to play with, this product is pricey. The cake is $22, the activator is $20 and the Mercier flat brush is $25, so almost $70. (I used other brushes.)

Still, it’s a chance to have dessert first thing in the morning without an actual sugar fix. How can that be bad?

Product source: From my own collection; I did not receive product or compensation from Laura Mercier. (This post is part five in my quest for the perfect eyeliner.)

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