Weinstein hosts Gallery for the People’s summer preview

Studio-chief and producer Harvey Weinstein recently hosted the Gallery for the People’s summer preview at Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills. Held June 28, the evening benefited Art of Elysium, a non-profit arts organization. The event featured work from artists including Antonio “Nino” Del Prete, Davyd Whaley, Domingo Zapata, Jordi Mollà, Sage Vaughn and Vanessa Prager. Actresses Emma Roberts, Dakota Johnson, Erika Christensen and Gossip Girl director Joe Lazarove attended the benefit.

After the preview, the art is available for purchase online. The online gallery, curated by Eva Maria Daniels and Ally Canosa, displays seasonal collections of work designed to fuse cinema and art.

Mr. C Beverly Hills is Ignazio Cipriani’s new signature hotel.

From left: Domingo Zapata, Harvey Weinstein, Nino Del Prete and Jordi Molla at the event.

Art was displayed poolside.

Guests mingled as they took in the art.

From left: Actress Dakota Johnson, artist Vanessa Prager and Gallery for the People co-founder Eva Maria Daniels took time out for a photo.

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On the radar: Sugar and spice Sydney style in ‘Recipe For Murder;’ cherchez la femme; Cannes kudos

Sonia Bible's film focuses on three notorious women.

Yesterday I found out about an intriguing new movie, “Recipe For Murder,” and I look forward to speaking with writer/director Sonia Bible. It was news to me that in the early 1950’s, Sydney was a city in the grip of a deadly crime wave. In just over a year, more than 100 people were poisoned; most of the killers were women. “Recipe For Murder” tells the true story of three notorious perpetrators: Yvonne Fletcher, Caroline Grills and Veronica Monty.
The 52-minute film combines gritty archive footage, film-noir re-enactments, interviews with witnesses and a score from “Animal Kingdom” composer Antony Partos. Last month, “Recipe For Murder” won a Silver Hugo award (documentary category, history/biography) in the Chicago film fest’s 2011 Hugo Television Competition.

Rachel McAdams

B&W Boudoir: In the June issue of Elle, Rachel McAdams and the magazine’s creative director Joe Zee reinterpret Catherine Deneuve’s look in “Repulsion,” from 1965, by Roman Polanski. “Noir, Now” also features boudoir dressing suggestions, edited by Kyle Anderson. McAdams nails the film-noir vibe and it’s an excellent issue overall, particularly Cintra Wilson’s piece on how learning flamenco changed her life.


Kirsten Dunst in "Melancholia"

In Cannesclusion: Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” won the Palme D’Or at the Cannes film fest, which ended Sunday. Kirsten Dunst snared best female actor for her role in “Melancholia” by Lars Von Trier. Harvey Weinstein calls this the best Cannes in 25 years. Read Peter Bradshaw’s wrapup in The Guardian at http://bit.ly/iZXTeV.
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