Film noir poster bliss with actress Jeanne Carmen

A few weeks ago, I posted about Jeanne Carmen, a pin-up model, ace golfer, B-movie actress and friend of Marilyn Monroe. Jeanne’s son Brandon James has kindly shared these images from her work in film noir and in the Western genre. She appears on posters for all three movies.

Portland posterPortland Exposé” (1957, Harold D. Schuster) based on a true story of a mob syndicate in Portland, Ore. You can watch scenes from the movie here.

Guns poster US

Guns poster BrazilGuns Don’t Argue” (1957, Richard C. Kahn, Bill Karn) was a compilation of a 1952 TV series released as a feature film. It’s true crime anthology of Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, Ma Barker and Bonnie & Clyde. In it, we see Jeanne Carmen as Floyd’s moll. You can watch scenes from the movie here.

Outlaws poster US

Outlaws poster Italy“The Three Outlaws” (1956, Sam Newfield) tells the story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Jeanne Carmen plays a temptress named Polimita. You can watch scenes from the movie here and here.
Monster posterAnd how could I resist running what is perhaps Jeanne Carmen’s most famous movie, “The Monster of Piedras Blancas” (1959, Irvin Berwick).

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