Film noir classics now on DVD for the first time from TCM

Film Noir Classics IVFive film noir classics from Columbia Pictures are coming to DVD for the first time ever in the latest home video collection from Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the Film Foundation and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Film Noir Classics IV includes five feature films – “So Dark the Night” (1946), “Johnny O’Clock” (1947), “Walk a Crooked Mile” (1948), “Between Midnight and Dawn” (1950) and “Walk East on Beacon” (1952) – each of which has been fully restored and remastered.

The collection features a video introduction by Academy Award®-winning director and Film Foundation founder Martin Scorsese.

Available only through TCM’s online store, Film Noir Classics IV will be released as part of the TCM Vault Collection on Sept. 16. The films in the collection showcase the work of Joseph H. Lewis, Robert Rossen, Gordon Douglas and Alfred L. Werker, directors who were masters at creating taut and atmospheric visions from morally complex, hard-boiled stories.

The collection also highlights the genre-defining cinematography of Burnett Guffey and George E. Diskant and iconic performances by such film noir mainstays as Dick Powell, Evelyn Keyes, Lee J. Cobb, Dennis O’Keefe and Edmond O’Brien, who each excelled at revealing the raw heart that beat beneath noir’s tough exteriors.

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